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Our Office

We know how hard it is to manage a busy schedule, especially when you have to wait in Aventura traffic.

Our office is conveniently located in the Shoppes of Skylake in North Miami Beach, just blocks from City Hall and Greynolds Park. The office is easy to access, especially during high traffic times, by simply driving through our surrounding neighborhoods.

Appointments, even during the heaviest traffic times, will always be a breeze to make, even during snowbird season. We have a large parking lot with plenty of spaces for your convenience.

Our shopping center also features many shops, including restaurants, after school activities, and hair and nail salons, so the rest of the family will be happy while it is not their turn to be seen.

Dr. Shane and the Meister family have lived in North Miami Beach for most of their lives. We have chosen this specific location to maximize the convenience for our friends and neighbors.